Scriblo Cam Generator Instructions

Here are instructions to make cams which allow Scriblo to draw your own sketch designs.

1. You must first download and install 2 free computer programs at the links below. (Currently only available for Windows or Linux)

Scriblo Cam Generator (turns your sketch into cam profiles)

Select the file corresponding to your computer operating system. Click this symbol at the top of the page to download.

Open the downloaded folder with WinRAR and select "extract" to unzip the files to a chosen location . If you don't have it, WinRAR can be downloaded here

Inkscape (Print your cam profile templates from this program)

2. Open the Scriblo_Cam_Generator program found under application.windows64 (depending on your system)

3. Hold left mouse mutton and drag to draw a single line sketch within the boundary of the yellow box.

Sketch must finish back where it began

Keep your sketch length readout under 400 mm for best results.

Observe the cam profiles to check they are not unreasonably steep.

Click Clear If you want to redraw your sketch.

A PDF file is automatically generated for each cam when you release the mouse button upon completing your sketch. These 2 files named “Pivot Cam” and “Yaw Cam” are located in the source folder of this software.

4. Without closing Scriblo_Cam_Generator, Launch the Inkscape software. Select File > Open, select "Pivot.pdf" from the directory of the Scriblo software. Click"OK" on the pop up window. You should see the pivot cam outline displayed. Return to the Scriblo program and check that the cam profile looks the same to ensure you have opened the correct file.

5. Select File > Save as

6. Choose *.dxf from the title drop down menu. Give the file a name, ie "Hello Pivot Cam" and click save.

7. Keep the base unit as "pt" in the pop up box and click "OK"

8. Select File > Open and open the dxf file we just saved. Click "OK" on the pop up box.

9. Drag across the entire image of the cam to select it.

10. Hover the mouse over the cam outline until a hand appears next to it. Then click and drag the cam slowly until halfe of it is on the A4 page, including the inner circle and the letter "P".

11. Click in the empty space to deselect the cam then select File > Print > OK

12. Drag the cam so that the other half including the inner circle and letter "P" is on the A4 page and print this also

13. Overlap the 2 printouts and tape the sheets in place. It helps to hold the sheets up to a window in order to to align the inner circle and the letter P.

14. Cut out the cam profile with a pair of scissors. The line may be jagged but cut the edge smooth.

15. Cut free the inner circle from the wooden blank cam and lay it over the paper cut out to align the inner circle and the letter P. Tape the paper at the inner circle to hold it in place.

16. Turn the cam over and trace on the cam profile with a pencil.

17. Remove the paper and cut the cam profile carefully with a scroll saw or a fret saw.

18. Sand the inner circle and outer profile smooth.

19. Repeat steps 4 - 19 with the Yaw cam file marked with a "Y".

20. Your cams can now be put into the Scriblo Handwriting Automaton and he will reproduce your sketch. Congratulations!!